Departmental Computing Information

The following gives computing information relevant to UCL Department
of Phonetics and Linguistics.

Storing Data on Network Disks

Backups of Data

Email use and setting up

Setting an automatic reply to mail sent to your address


Protecting your email address on web pages from junk mailers

Creating a www homepage in Dept of Phon & Ling

Department Unix System Information

Changing your network password

Virus protection software including F-Secure from UCL Procurement Services

Setting up a PC on Phon/Ling network

Windows security patches and updates from Microsoft

Computer security  information

Anonymous ftp server

Networked Printers

UCL statement on the monitoring of your computing activities

UCL computing regulations

Connecting a non departmental PC to Phonetics and Linguistics Network

Form to sign when connecting non departmental PC to Phonetics and Linguistics Network

Using SSH instead of Telnet for Logging in

Using Secure ftp for file transfer to server

Pc backups

Displaying your Network Disk Quota

Changing from Phonetics and Linguistics to UCL IS email addresses

Accessing services via Windows from outside the department network

Installing a web certificate to prevent error messages for https access

Server administrator commands

Information in case of server or network failure

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