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Speech Hearing and Language:
work in progress 1996
Volume 9

Edited by Valerie Hazan, Stuart Rosen & Martyn Holland
Editorial Note
Analytic listening: a new appproach to ear-training
Michael Ashby, John Maidment and Evelyn Abberton
Synchronising syntax with speech signals
Alex Chengyu Fang and Mark Huckvale
Fundamental frequency, amplitude envelope and voiceless-ness as auditory supplements to the lipreading of connected speech
Andrew Faulkner and Athena Euthymiades
Pattern element hearing aids and speech assessment and training
Adrian Fourcin and Evelyn Abberton
Cue-enhancement strategies for natural VCV and sentence materials presented in noise
Valerie Hazan and Andrew Simpson
Cross-language interference in lexical decision
Frederika Holmes
Modelling variability between and within speech segments for automatic speech recognition
Wendy J. Holmes
Investigating peak timing in naturally-occurring speech: from segmental constraints to discourse structure
Jill House and Anne Wichmann
Speechreading of words and sentences by normally hearing and hearing impaired Chinese subjects: the enhancement effects of compound speech patterns
Xinghui Hu, Adrian Fourcin, Andrew Faulkner and Jianing Wei
Learning from the experience of building automatic speech recognition systems
Mark Huckvale
Realization of Spanish and English early focal accents
Ma Luisa Garcia Lecumberri
Auditory filter nonlinearity at 2khz in normal and impaired hearing
Stuart Rosen, Richard J. Baker and Angela Darling
A tool for the production of copy synthesis from natural tokens
Andrew M. Simpson
A pattern-recognition-based framework for research on phonetic perception
Roel Smits
The single-layer perceptron as a model of human categorisation behaviour
Roel Smits and Louis Ten Bosch
Prosodic aspects of child-directed speech in Cantonese
Joanne Siu-Yiu Tang and John Maidment
Setting priorities in teaching English Pronunciation in ESL contexts
Titi Ufomata
SiVo - 3: a new type of speech-pattern hearing aid for profoundly hearing impaired people
Jianing Wei and Kerensa Smith