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Department of Phonetics and Linguistics

Speech Hearing and Language:
work in progress 1997
Volume 10

Edited by Roel Smits, Stuart Rosen & Martyn Holland
Editorial Note
Perceptual adaptation by normal listeners to upward shifts of spectral information in speech and its relevance for users of cochlear implants
Stuart Rosen, Andrew Faulkner and Lucy Wilkinson
Speech perception using the UCLID CIS cochlear implant speech processor
Andrew Faulkner, John R. Walliker, Stuart Rosen, Harriet Lang and Julian Daley
Current generators for the UCLID cochlear implant speech processor
Julian Daley and John R. Walliker
A bone-anchored percutaneous connector system for use in cochlear implantation
Mark Downing, Ulf Johansson, Lennart Carlsson and John R. Walliker
Performance of a real-time multi-layer perceptron algorithm for the extraction of voicing and voice fundamental frequency informationCue-enhancement strategies for natural VCV and sentence materials presented in noise
Andrew Faulkner and Jianing Wei
The discrimination of the bandwidth of noises by normal-hearing and severe-to-profoundly hearing-impaired listeners
Deborah A. Vickers and Andrew Faulkner
Enhancing the intelligibility of natural VCV stimuli: speaker effects
Andrew Simpson and Valerie Hazan
The effect of cue-enhancement on consonant perception by non-native listeners: preliminary results
Valerie Hazan and Andrew Simpson
A syntactic pattern recognition method for the automatic location of potential enhancement regions in running speech
Mark Huckvale
Human consonant recognition for initial and final segments of vocal utterances
Roel Smits
Spatial relationships in fricative perception
Won Choo and Mark Huckvale
Laryngographic assessment of voice changes with altered hydration status
Julia Selby and Ginny Wilson
Non-invasive monitoring of reflexive swallowing
Helen Firmin, Sheena Reilly and Adrian Fourcin
Speech and nonspeech auditory abilities in two children with disordered language
Stuart Rosen, Heather van der Lely and Susan Dry