UCL Division of Psychology & Language Sciences

Summer Course in English Phonetics 2009

How to apply

Step 1


If you wish to apply for the IPA strand, first request and complete the entrance test.
Wait for the result before sending any application or payment. For the EFL strand, go directly to Step 2.

Step 2


EITHER Fill out Application Form in pdf format (download here or from side menu) including payment details on the second page, sign it and send it by mail or fax, or as a scan attached to an email. Your enrolment is then complete.



OR Complete an online application form and wait to receive an email from us before going to Step 3.

Step 3


If your online application is accepted, your acceptance email will direct you to an online form to make your payment, or may ask you to send in payment details using a signed application form (automated payments may not be accepted from certain countries).


Admissions requirements

All course members must be at least eighteen years of age and have a good working knowledge of English (you do not have to prove this to us: but the level we advise is Cambridge First Certificate Grade C or above, IELTS 6.5 or higher, TOEFL 540 or higher).

The EFL strand of the course is primarily intended for those whose mother tongue is not English, but a small number of native speakers are also admitted each year. For the IPA strand applications from native speakers of English are encouraged as well as from speakers of other languages.

Applicants for the IPA strand must already have a good knowledge of the subject, so as to have a reasonable expectation of succeeding in the examination after two weeks dedicated study. Before we accept you, we require you to take a 2 and half hour entrance test at home, without access to books or notes. You should attempt the test before applying and as early as possible (there is no charge for the test). Advice on the completion of the test is available on the website and we recommend that you study this before attempting the test. After we send you the test materials, you will have three weeks to complete and return the test. If your performance in the test indicates that you have a good chance of success in the examination after two weeks' tuition, we will accept you for the IPA strand; if not, we will invite you to join the EFL strand instead at an appropriate level of difficulty.