UCL Division of Psychology & Language Sciences

Summer Course in English Phonetics 2009

Online Course

SCEP 2009 will be supported by SCEP Online, a specially-developed online course using the Moodle virtual learning environment. Lectures, ear-training, practical exercises and reference material will be available on interactive webpages before, during, and after the course and you will have the chance to chat to other participants and contribute to discussion forums. The online course is expected to go live by 1st July 2009, and user IDs and passwords will be issued on receipt of the course fee. You will then have unlimited access to the course from any computer with an internet connection.

It will be useful to use the online course during the time you are actually on campus at UCL, but not essential — so if you are leaving your computer at home, or staying somewhere without an internet connection, that won't be a problem. If you stay in SCEP accommodation at John Dodgson House, your room will have a wired internet connection, and you can connect using your SCEP UCL login ID at no extra charge. You will require your own Ethernet cable to make the connection.

While you are on the course you will be able to consult books and periodicals in the UCL library. There is no additional charge for this