ELOBES2019 - Optimising Binaural Hearing for Environment and Listener

Workshop 12 January 2019, Het Pand Congress Centre, Ghent, Belgium

A satellite meeting of the 11th Speech-in-Noise (SPiN) Workshop.

Two ears are better than one when listening to speech in noise. The advantages of listening with two ears is said to come from the "better-ear" effect - that one ear normally has a better signal-to-noise ratio than the other - and from the "binaural advantage" - that knowledge about the form of the target and interfering signals can be gained by correlating them across ears. This workshop will focus on the particular challenges of improving the intelligibility of speech in noise in situations where the listener uses two ears and the sound sources are distributed in space.

The workshop will consist of a series of invited talks and audience discussions about binaural listening to speech in noise. The talks will address such topics as:

We also plan to invite keynote speakers to address the state of the art in the science of binaural hearing and in the technology of binaural hearing aids.

The workshop will take place on the Saturday after the SPIN workshop at the same venue. The workshop will be sponsored by the project: Environment and Listener Optimised Binaural Enhancement of Speech (ELOBES) running at Imperial College London and University College London and funded by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. Attendance at the workshop is free as will be refreshments and lunch, but pre-registration is required - see form below.

Details of the program will follow, but we expect to start around 9am and finish around 3pm to allow people to travel on Saturday evening.

Registration of Interest

Please register your interest in the workshop. Attendance will be confirmed nearer the date.

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I am interested in attending the ELOBES2019 workshop on 12 January 2019

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