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Computational Methods for Research in Speech Science

Shell programming

This page provides some useful resources to support the shell programming part of the course.

Free Software

  • CYGWIN - Shell for Windows. A free Unix-like environment for Windows. CYGWIN provides you with a command-line shell running "bash" and a huge range of Unix software all converted to run on Windows.

On-line Tutorials & Reference Information


  • The Unix Programming Environment. Kernighan & Pike, Prentice Hall, 1983. Classic text on shell programming with the Bourne shell "sh".
  • Learning the Bash Shell. O'Reilly Nutshell guide by C. Newham.

Answers to Exercises

    4. showinfo.sh
    5. middle.sh
    6. sayhello.sh
    7. timestable.sh
    8. regular expressions
    9. clue.sh
    10. table1.awk, table2.awk