Special Session at the International Congress of Phonetic Sciences

Hong Kong, August 17-21, 2011


Michael Ashby (University College London, UK)
Helen Fraser (University of New England, Australia)
Jose A. Mompeán (University of Murcia, Spain)

Call for papers and for Discussion Forum topics


The special session will aim to bring together phoneticians interested in phonetics pedagogy (for example, contents, methods, tools and resources, assessment) including the application of new technological developments to the teaching and learning of phonetics (IT-based teaching, distance/online education, social networks) and the intersection of phonetic science with different teaching and learning contexts (such as phonetics theory teaching, language teaching).

The special session will be of interest to those phoneticians concerned with:

  • pedagogy directed at linguistics and phonetics specialists

  • teaching and learning the pronunciation of a second or foreign language

  • the application of phonetics in teacher training

  • designing new web-based tools and materials, and effective use of existing resources

The Phonetics teaching and learning special session (1hr 20m) will consist of a review presentation surveying the field, two papers describing new developments drawn from those submitted to the special session, and a discussion forum.

The session builds upon a sustained and growing interest in pedagogical issues evidenced at previous ICPhS congresses, which have commonly incorporated phonetics pedagogy themes and sessions. An international concern with phonetics teaching and learning is also revealed by the successful PTLC (Phonetics Teaching and Learning Conference), an established series of biennial international academic meetings on phonetics pedagogy (visit for further details). For 2011, instead of a further conference in London, the PTLC resources and network will be used to promote the ICPhS special session, and PTLC2011 will be regarded as subsumed into ICPhS. However, a set of proceedings for PTLC2011 will appear (online) as a satellite publication to ICPhS.

Papers already submitted

Given the likely number of submissions, it is probable that one or more regular oral and poster sessions of the congress will also be devoted to pedagogical topics. If you have already submitted a paper to ICPhS on a related topic, you are invited to make contact. We hope to provide a focus and contact point for all participants with interests in this field.


Michael Ashby
Helen Fraser
Jose A. Mompeán