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Montserrat is an island in the eastern Caribbean, 40 km southwest of Antigua. It is a British Overseas Territory. Since 1995 it has been threatened by the Soufrière Hills volcano in the south of the island. In 1997 pyroclastic flows from the volcano killed 20 people and destroyed the south, centre and east of the island, including the main town, Plymouth, and the airport. Before the volcano, the population was 12,000. It is now around 4,000. The north of the island (approximately, the upper-left quadrant as shown in this map) has remained safe throughout; the adjacent part immediately to the southwest, as far as Cork Hill and Fox's Bay, was evacuated as a precaution but is now again considered safe.

A new airport is under construction in the north. Meanwhile, Montserrat is reached by ferry or helicopter from Antigua. There is a new harbour and port at Little Bay.

My own connection with Montserrat is through my partner, who was born and grew up there. Over the past quarter-century we have visited the island frequently. We have a house at Woodlands.

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After the Sunday service at Bethel Methodist church, now destroyed by the volcano. Click photo to enlarge
This photo was taken around 1993. My sister-in-law Norma is standing in the centre.
To the left a young man is carrying a guitar that I brought from England for the church youth group.

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Wisdom Cross garden, Tuitts (now destroyed by the volcano) Click photo to enlarge
Statuary designed and built by Bobbie Greene

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