Villa Virginia, Spanish Point, Montserrat

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<< A view of the Villa Virginia, looking from the garden towards the veranda.

A view of the garden, looking towards the sea. Left to right: John Wells, Norma Wells (John's sister-in-law), Gabriel Parsons. >>

<< Another view of the garden, looking from the veranda towards the sea. Parp (Charles Murrain) scales the coconut palm...

<< ...and cuts a coconut.

On the rocks at the end of the beach at Woodlands. Left to right: Gabriel, Norma. >>

<< Tony Wells (John's brother) on the shore at Spanish Point.

Outside the Methodist church in Bethel, just after a Sunday morning service. This church was severely damaged in the pyroclastic flow of 25 June 1997 and utterly destroyed on 21 September. >>

Left to right: John, Adolphus Morson (Gabriel's brother) and Gabriel - on a visit to Ireland, the original emerald isle. >>

Map of Montserrat

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