SPSC2003: Phonetic Science: Acoustics of Speech and Hearing

New Course Home Page now on Moodle!

This is the old course home page. The new one can be found on Moodle, the new UCL Virtual Learning Environment.

Old Course Home Page

Where to look for information:

Tells you about the aims, structure and syllabus of the course.
Tells you about the topics week by week, also links to course handouts and lecture slides.
Tells you the administrative details: staff contacts, assessment schedule, marking guidelines and attendance requirements.
Tells you about which textbooks are most useful for the course.
Frequently Asked Questions
Tells you where you can find answers to some frequently asked questions about acoustics, speech and hearing.
Web tutorials
Tells you where you can find interactive tutorials on the Web.
Web resources
Tells you where you can download some lab software and other useful stuff from the Internet.
Exam preparation
Gives you some exam questions with answers. Previous years only I'm afraid.
Report writing
Gives you some more information about report writing style guidelines.
Introduction to Acoustics
Gives you the answers to the exercises in the Introduction to Acoustics booklet.


If you can't find what you are looking for on these pages, please tell us. Your problems may be shared by other students and we will try to help. Just send us a mail.