SPSC2003 Acoustics of Speech and Hearing

Administrative Details


Mark Huckvale, () Lecturer Room 320, Chandler House, 020 7679 4087

Times and Places

Lectures take place in Chandler House from 9am to 10am on Tuesdays. Undergraduate laboratory classes take place in the Speech Sciences Laboratory in Chandler House, at 10.30-12.30, and 2.00-4.00. Undergraduate tutorials take place in Chandler House at 10.30-11.30, 11.30-12.30, 2.00-3.00 and 3.00-4.00 on certain weeks only.

Assessment Schedule

Laboratory reports:

Date Set: Date Due in:
Term 1 Week 4 Term 1 Week 5
Term 1 Week 8 Term 1 Week 9
Term 2 Week 2 Term 2 Week 3
Term 2 Week 7 Term 2 Week 8

Written tests:

A 45 minute test requiring short answers is given on Term 1 Week 11, and Term 2 Week 10.

Written examination:

A 3-hour written examination is given in the 3rd term. You must answer four essay questions from a total of eight.


Coursework is first marked by the tutor for the student's group and should normally be returned within one week of submission. Students are asked to retain the marked coursework and submit it in a folder with reports on the non-assessed laboratory classes at the time of the written examination. The marking of the coursework is then moderated by an internal examiner and checked by the external examiner.

Tests are marked by Mark Huckvale. The December test is returned in week 12, and the March test is returned in week 11.

Written examinations are marked independently and anonymously by two internal examiners, with the marking checked by the external examiner.

In total, the coursework counts for 30% of the final mark for the course, while the written examination counts for 70%.


Students are expected to attend all lectures, laboratory classes and tutorials. An attendance register will be kept in the laboratory sessions. Students missing more than 2 laboratory sessions for no good reason may not be allowed to continue to the written examination.