Sounds of the International Phonetic Alphabet in a Clinical Context

Ear-training material is presented here in the context of "non-standard" pronunciations of English words and phrases, for example the sort of immature or disordered pronunciations that might be encountered in the Speech and Language Therapy clinic. A wide range of IPA consonants is gradually introduced. Vowel qualities used are normally consistent with the target pronunciations of adult native speakers of Southern British English, but may be subject to nasalisation or other modifications.

While the material is directly relevant to students studying phonetics as part of SLT training, it can also be of benefit to students of phonetics wishing to improve their knowledge of and familiarity with the IPA. You should note that as the IPA sounds are introduced on this recording they are given "prototypical" pronunciations. In a clinic, the identification of sounds may not be so clear cut. However, the listener trained in the auditory analysis of voice, place and manner will be better equipped to make a plausible estimate of the sounds being produced.

The audio recording available on audio CD comes complete with a full script so that you can follow along.

The CD is published on behalf of the International Phonetic Association by the Department of Speech Hearing and Phonetic Sciences, University College London. The CD is priced at 10 / US$17. Price includes VAT and postage. (NB: Do not send credit card numbers by email.)

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Audio CD version only £10 (about US$17)  

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