Cantonese examples:



Narrowband Spectrograms (at left) and spectral cross sections (at right) of unprocessed Cantonese speech, and the two versions of sine-wave speech. The spectral slices are taken at the time value of 0.69 s. This figure depicts the first 900 ms of the sentence
 個足球員 唔見咗一隻鞋  meaning 'the footballer lost a boot', with the excerpt transcribed as [kɔː3 tsʊk1 khɐu4 jyːn4]. Note in the spectral sections how the multiplicity of harmonics varying in overall height in the unprocessed speech has been simplified down to three sinusoidal components. Noise-vocoding the sine-wave speech broadens these components out so that they have a spectral shape more similar to speech, but still lacking harmonics.

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