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Contents of UCLWPL 4 (1992)

Edited by Hans van de Koot

GB Syntax


Michael Brody

A Note on the Organisation of Grammar

M. Rita Manzini

Parasitic Gaps and Locality Theory: Some Results

Samson Negbo Abangma

The ECP and That-trace Effects in Denya

Yoryia Agouraki

Clitic Left Dislocation and Clitic Doubling: A Unification

Stefanie Anyadi

The Acquisition of Verb Second in German: The Prefunctional Stage

Ana Maria Madeira

On Clitic Placement in European Portuguese

Anna Roussou

Factive Complements and Wh-Movement in Modern Greek

Relevance Theory


Robyn Carston

Conjunction, Explanation and Relevance

Deirdre Wilson

Reference and Relevance

Elly Ifantidou-Trouki

Sentential Adverbs and Relevance

Reiko Itani

Japanese Sentence-Final Particle NE: A Relevance-Theoretic Approach

Tomoko Matsui

Bridging Reference and the Notions of 'Topic' and 'Focus'

Villy Rouchota

On Indefinite Descriptions

Word Grammar


Dick Hudson

The case against Case

And Rosta

English Mediopassives



Chris Ireland & Maria Black

Living with Aphasia: The Insight Story

John Harris

Licensing Inheritence

Hans van de Koot

Word Grammar Recognition is NP-hard