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Phonetic symbols for English

This is the standard set of phonemic symbols for English (RP and similar accents).

ppen, copy, happen
bback, baby, job
ttea, tight, button
dday, ladder, odd
kkey, clock, school
gget, giggle, ghost
church, match, nature
judge, age, soldier
ffat, coffee, rough, photo
vview, heavy, move
θthing, author, path
ðthis, other, smooth
ssoon, cease, sister
zzero, music, roses, buzz
ʃship, sure, national
ʒpleasure, vision
hhot, whole, ahead
mmore, hammer, sum
nnice, know, funny, sun
ŋring, anger, thanks, sung
llight, valley, feel
rright, wrong, sorry, arrange
jyet, use, beauty, few
wwet, one, when, queen
ʔ(glottal stop)
department, football
ɪkit, bid, hymn, minute
edress, bed, head, many
ætrap, bad
ɒlot, odd, wash
ʌstrut, mud, love, blood
ʊfoot, good, put
fleece, sea, machine
face, day, break
price, high, try
ɔɪchoice, boy
goose, two, blue, group
əʊgoat, show, no
mouth, now
ɪənear, here, weary
square. fair, various
ɑːstart, father
ɔːthought, law, north, war
ʊəpoor, jury, cure
ɜːnurse, stir, learn, refer
əabout, common, standard
ihappy, radiate. glorious
uthank you, influence, situation
suddenly, cotton
middle, metal
ˈ(stress mark)