This document uses Unicode to encode IPA phonetic symbols. If you cannot see them on your screen, Windows users please download Lucida Sans Unicode or Doulos SIL free of charge and install it on your system.

Phonetic symbols for English, with Unicode numbers

This is the standard set of phonemic symbols for English (RP and similar accents).

Against each symbol, other than ordinary a—z, you will see its decimal Unicode number. To insert a symbol into an HTML document, use a Unicode font that includes IPA. Type the string as shown, including the initial &# and final ;. The browser will render it as the symbol.

ppen, copy, happen 
bback, baby, job 
ttea, tight, button 
dday, ladder, odd 
kkey, clock, school 
gget, giggle, ghostɡ
church, match, naturet ʃ
judge, age, soldierd ʒ
ffat, coffee, rough, photo 
vview, heavy, move 
θthing, author, pathθ
ðthis, other, smoothð
ssoon, cease, sister 
zzero, music, roses, buzz 
ʃship, sure, nationalʃ
ʒpleasure, visionʒ
hhot, whole, ahead 
mmore, hammer, sum
nnice, know, funny, sun
ŋring, anger, thanks, sungŋ
llight, valley, feel
rright, wrong, sorry, arrange
jyet, use, beauty, few
wwet, one, when, queen
ʔ(glottal stop)
department, football
ɪkit, bid, hymn, minuteɪ
edress, bed, head, many
ætrap, badæ
ɒlot, odd, washɒ
ʌstrut, mud, love, bloodʌ
ʊfoot, good, putʊ
fleece, sea, machinei ː
face, day, breake ɪ
price, high, trya ɪ
ɔɪchoice, boy ɔ ɪ
goose, two, blue, groupu ː
əʊgoat, show, noə ʊ
mouth, nowa ʊ
ɪənear, here, weary&618; ə
square, fair, variouse ə
ɑːstart, fatherɑ ː
ɔːthought, law, north, warɔ ː
ʊəpoor, jury, cureʊ ə
ɜːnurse, stir, learn, referɜ ː
əabout, common, standardə
ihappy, radiate. glorious
uthank you, influence, situation
suddenly, cottonn ̩
middle, metall ̩
ˈ(stress mark)ˈ
ˌ(secondary stress)ˌ
Unicode numbers for useful punctuation marks
single opening quote ‘
single closing quote, apostrophe ’
double opening quotes “
double closing quotes ”
em-dash —
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