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Note: in the representation of Hungarian orthography shown below,

Unicode version


The vowel system comprises 14 phonemes, as follows.

	SAMPA symbol	Orthography		Transcription
	i		hit			hit
	i:		szít			si:t
	E		vet			vEt
	e:		méz			me:z
	O 		hat			hOt
	a:		láb			la:b
	o		sok			Sok
	o:		pók			po:k
	2		köt			k2t
	2:		sôt 			S2:t
	u		fut			fut
	u:		kút			ku:t
	y		süt			Syt
	y:		fût 			fy:t


The consonant system comprises 24 phonemes, as follows.

	p		Pál			pa:l
	b		bál			ba:l
	t		tár			ta:r
	d		dán			da:n
	t'		tyúk			t'u:k
	d'		gyár			d'a:r
	k		kád			ka:d
	g		gát			ga:t
	ts		cél			tse:l
	dz		bodza			bodza
	tS		csô 			tS2:
	dZ		dzsem			dZEm
	f		fát			fa:t
	v		vád			va:d
	s		szép			se:p
	z		zár			za:r
	S		só			So:
	Z		zsír			Zi:r
	m		már			ma:r
	n		nád			na:d
	J		nyom			Jom
	r		rák			ra:k
	l		láp			la:p
	j		jön, lyuk		j2n, juk
	h		hát			ha:t
It is convenient for some purposes to symbolize separately the following salient allophones:
for the phoneme /h/:
	x		doh			dox
	x		ihlet			ixlEt
	h\		lehet			lEh\Et

for the phoneme /j/:
	x'		kapj			kOpx'

for the phonemes /m, n/
	F		kámfor			ka:Ffor
			hamvas			hOFvOS
			honvágy			hoFva:d'
			honfitárs		hoFfita:rS
	N		ing			iNg
			tönk			t2Nk

Consonant length is distinctive in Hungarian. All consonants may be phonemically short or long (geminate); this contrast operates in intervocalic and final-postvocalic positions.

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