Example Tutorial {sectionno}

{START}{QUIZ Quiz=example}




This tutorial is just a test and demonstration of the capability of each supported question type.


Example 1 - Single Selection Question

{ASK Number=1}{SECTION}

Example 2 - Multiple Selection Question

{ASK Number=2}{SECTION}

Example 3 Edit Box Question

{ASK Number=3}{SECTION}

Example 4 - Single Selection with Edit Box

{ASK Number=4}{SECTION}

Example 5 Edit Box with Initial Value

{ASK Number=5}{SECTION}


End of tutorial


This is the end of the tutorial. You answered {nanswer} questions. You got a score of {nscore} out of a possible {ntotal} or {npercent}% right. Well done!

You can stop here if you like, but if you want to see the whole tutorial click on [Complete Tutorial]. This will show you all the text of the tutorial, your notes and the answers you gave to the questions. This is useful if you want to print out or save the whole tutorial.





wtutor Demonstration tutorial 2003 Mark Huckvale University College London