wave - extract waveforms and other data from a database file


wave (-i item) (-b datafile|-a datafile|-h htkfile) (-s) file


wave is a program to copy data from speech, lx, tx, fx and track items. The selected data set is either printed on the standard output as a sequence of numbers or stored in a binary datafile. An option reverses the byte order in binary files for waveforms.

Options and their meanings are:

-I Identify program and exit.

-i item Select input item.

-b datafile Store the contents of the data set in the binary file datafile rather than listing them on the standard output. SP, LX and FX items are stored in 16-bit words, TX items in 32-bit words.

-h htkfile Store the contents of the data set in an HTK format binary file. As -b option but with standard HTK header.

-a (Binary file output only) With -b switch or -h switch, appends data to file.

-s (Binary file output only) swap byte order in binary file. SP, LX and FX items will be stored <low byte> <high byte>, TX items will be stored <low byte><byte><byte><high byte>.


1.xx Any speech item.

2.xx Any excitation item.

3.xx Any period data item.

4.xx Any fundamental frequency item.

16.xx Any parameter track item.


3.3 - Mark Huckvale.
Fri Jul 09 14:54:34 2004