spgate -- produce gated speech stimuli


spgate (-n numgate) (-t timegate|-a) (-w windowtime) (-S|-N) file


spgate is a program to build a number of gated speech stimuli from a single speech recording. The gates can be defined by time or by the position of annotations in the file. The lost portion can be replaced with silence or with noise.


-I Identify program name and version number.

-i item Select input item number.

-n numgate Specify the number of stimuli to be produced. Default set by the number of annotations or by the size of the file and size of gate.

-t timegate Specify the size of each gate in seconds. Default 0.25s.

-a Use annotations to specify where gates are to go.

-w windowtime Specify duration of window cutting off signal in seconds. Default 0.025s.

-S Replace the excised portion with silence (so that output files are all the same size)

-N Replace the excised portion with noise. The size of the noise is chosen to match the speech energy.


SP Any speech items

AN Gate annotations.


1.0 Mark Huckvale

Fri Jul 09 14:54:43 2004