sfs2wav - convert waveforms to Microsoft .WAV format (RIFF)


sfs2wav (-i item) (-l item) (-r item) (-2) (-8) (-12|-a) (-s starttime) (-e endtime) (-o wavfile) file


sfs2wav is a program to copy data from speech, and lx items into Microsft .WAV format files. The byte order is selected for operation on PCs. If no output filename is given the output name is constructed from the source name by substituting an extension of '.WAV'.

Options and their meanings are:

-I Identify program and exit.

-i item Select input item. (monophonic)

-l item Select left channel (stereophonic).

-r item Select right channel (stereophonic)

-2 Make stereo from single input channel.

-o wavfile name the file to create in .WAV format. Default is to use the input file name with a .WAV extension.

-a Automatic gain control. Scale the output waveform so that the maximum waveform amplitude is set to +/- 24576.

-8 Create an 8 bit waveform from the top 8 bits of the input waveform. Default is to create a 16-bit waveform.

-12 Specify that the input waveform is only 12 bits. Scale up by 4 bits before using.

-s starttime Specify start time to extract. Default: 0.0.

-e endtime Specify end time for extraction. Default: end of input.


1.xx Any speech item.

2.xx Any excitation item.


1.0 Mark Huckvale.

Fri Jul 09 14:54:32 2004