sdump - dump contents of database file


sdump (-I) (-i item) (-a item) (-f) (-h|-H) (-T) (-v) (-F) file


sdump is a program to give a listing of the contents of database files in a fairly unprocessed form. Default operation is to list all item headers and to summarise data sets using the first few frames.

Options and their meanings are:

-I Identify program and exit.

-i item Select first item matching item specification.

-a type Select all items matching item specification.

-f dump selected items in full, rather than the first few frames.

-h dump main header only.

-H dump main header only in XML format.

-T Force terminal output video enhancement (default is use video enhancement only when talking directly to a terminal).

-v Follow links to virtual items, rather than simply reporting them.

-F Report filename at head of report.


4.0 - Mark Huckvale


Assumes preferred format in some cases.
Fri Jul 09 14:54:32 2004