mbrsynth - MBROLA diphone synthesis from MBROLA format control file


mbrsynth (-I) (-i item) (-m file.pho|-t transcription) (-d diphonedb) (-s) (-a) (out.sfs)


mbrsynth is a program to perform diphone synthesis using the MBROLA diphone system. MBROLA software from http://tcts.fpms.ac.be/synthesis needs be installed for this program to work. You also need at least one diphone database from the same source.

The program takes as input a phonetic transcription and a fundamental frequency contour and produces an audio signal. The input can come from an input AN item and FX item, from a .PHO file as used by the MBROLA diphone synthesis system, or from a transcription specfied on the command line. IN the last case, default duration and pitch values are used. Output is direct to the audio output, or to an SFS file.

Here is an example for you to try:

_ 50
t 95 0 150
e 133 0 150 99 110
s 150
t 135 0 110
_ 50


-I Identify program name and version number.

-i item Select input AN and FX items.

-m mbrola.pho Take input from MBROLA format .PHO file.

-d diphonedb Select the name of the diphone database to use for synthesis.

-t transcription Specify the phonetic transcription to produce. Put spaces between symbols and enclose in quotes.

-s Save synthesis to SFS file specified (must exist).

-a Save transcription as annotations to SFS file specified (must exist). For transcription (-t) input only.


1.1 Mark Huckvale


phosynth, repros


Fri Jul 09 14:54:43 2004