klattsyn - KLSYN88 Klatt synthesizer


klattsyn (-I) (-f nform) (-s source) (-c|-p) (-v avgain) (-h ahgain) (-f afgain) (-12) (-x) (-g) (input.syn) (output.sfs)


klattsyn is an implementation of the KLSYN88 Klatt synthesizer for converting a file of 48 parameter lines into a Speech item in an SFS file. It is designed to accept the output of the K-SPAN synthesis language programming system.

The file input.syn should contain text lines with 48 parameters per line, corresponding to the variable parameters (numbers 13 to 60) of the standard 60 parameter set. The first six characters of the line can be used to store a time in milliseconds (otherwise they should be blank). Comment lines are indicated by an initial '*'. The 12 fixed parameters are either not available for change or may be varied using command line switches. The standard sampling rate is 20,000Hz, with a frame length of 5ms.


The order of parameters on the line is: Time, F0, AV, OQ, SQ, TL, FL, DI, AH, AF, F1, B1, DF1, DB1, F2, B2, F3, B3, F4, B4, F5, B5, F6, B6, FNP, BNP, FNZ, BNZ, FTP, BTP, FTZ, BTZ, A2F, A3F, A4F, A5F, A6F, AB, B2F, B3F, B4F, B5F, B6F, ANV, A1V, A2V, A3V, A4V, ATV. For example: 200: 113 60 50 200 0 0 0 0 0 500 60 0 0 1500 90 2500 150 3500 200 3700 200 4990 500 280 90 280 90 2150 180 2150 180 0 0 0 0 0 0 250 300 320 360 1500 0 60 60 60 60 0


-I Identify program name and version number.

-n nform Specify number of formants (parameter NF). Default 8.

-s source Specify source model (parameter SS). Default 2.

-c Use cascade branch for vowels (parameter CP). Default.

-p Use parallel branch for vowels (parameter CP).

-v avgain Specify overall voicing gain (parameter GV). Default 60.

-h ahgain Specify overall aspiration gain (parameter GH). Default 60.

-f afgain Specify overall frication gain (parameter GF). Default 60.

-12 Scale output values down to 12 bits.

-x Output the Klatt source model into an Lx item.

-g Control the glottal closure point. Specify the closure point at a fixed position in the cycle, regardless of open quotient. Source switch settings 2 and 3 only.


1.3 M.A.Huckvale




Fri Jul 09 14:54:40 2004