hwsynth - hardware synthesizer replay routines


void     hwsynthcode(inframe,outframe)
short    *inframe;      /* input frame from SY item */
short    *outframe;     /* encoded frame ready for replay */

void     hwsynth(buff,numframes)
short    *buffer;       /* buffer of encoded frames for replay */
int      numframes;     /* number of frames to replay */


hwsynth provides a standard mechanism for replaying synthesizer control data. For machines equipped with a parallel interface connected to a hardware synthesizer, the routine can control the hardware directly. Otherwise the routine uses a software emulation of the JSRU synthesizer, srusynth.

The routine hwsynthcode encodes a standard SY item frame into a 32 byte frame suitable for replay. It must be called for each SY item frame before they may be replayed.

The routine hwsynth is called with the encoded data for a complete synthesis. The data is converted to a signal and replayed, either through a hardware interface or through a software emulation. In the latter case, the DAC environment variable controls the selection of the replay device (see sfsdac(3)).

On Sun devices, replay is simultaneous with conversion, reducing replay delay - see srusynth(1).


/dev/dacp0/pfo0 16-bit Parallel IO on Masscomp computers


1.0 - Mark Huckvale.


On the LSI synthesizer replay actually starts at the start of the second frame. Include a dummy frame to ensure accurate replay (replicating the first frame is easiest).
Fri Jul 09 14:54:17 2004