harsyn -- interactive harmonic synthesis and replay


harsyn (-I) (-p) (-i initfile) (-s synthfile) (-t print_title) (-c)


harsyn is a program to demonstrate harmonic synthesis of periodic waveforms. The user can select harmonics by frequency, amplitude and phase, watch the displayed wave shape and listen to the generated tone. When executed without the '-p' or '-s' options, the program is operated interactively from the terminal with a mouse. The '-p' option directs the initial harmonic set-up (see '-i' option) directly to the printer. The '-s' option directs the generated waveform into an SFS file.


-I Identify program name and version number.

-p Direct output to printer. The program does not enter interactive mode. The screen image is recreated for the printer using an initial list of harmonics. This can be set up from an initialisation file using the '-i' option.

-i initfile Specify the initial loading of the harmonics. The format of the text file must be the same as the format produced by the programs SAVE command (see below). This is one line with the setting of the LOG and ANHARMONIC flags (0=off, 1=on), followed by the frequency, amplitude and phase of the harmonics required.

-s synthfile Specify that a generated 1 second tone of the default or loaded harmonics should be saved into the givcen SFS file. The program does not enter interactive mode.

-t print_title Specify a title to appear on the printout. If no title is given then the date and time is printed instead.

-c (null) Display components during printing.


In the interactive mode, harmonics may be added and moved on the upper amplitude spectrum, causing the lower amplitude trace to be re-drawn. Select a harmonic by pointing to it and clicking the left mouse button. To move it, point to its new position and click the button again. To delete a harmonic, select it then click off the amplitude graph. To add a new harmonic click on the NEW harmonic, then click on the position in the graph where it is to be added. To replay the waveform, press the middle mouse button. To adjust the phases of the first four components, select one phase display then select a phase value.


clear Clear the current set of harmonics and restore the initial/default values.

magic Go to the Examples menu.

save Save the list of harmonics and values to a text file.

options Go to the Options menu.

print Send the current screen contents to the printer.

quit Stop the program.

refresh Re-draw the screen with current harmonics unchanged.

scale Adjust the harmonic amplitudes so that the peak amplitude of the generated wave is equal to 1.0.


anharmonic Allow harmonics to be placed at any frequency.

harmonic Only allow harmonics to be placed at multiples of 200Hz.

logarithmic Use a logarithmic amplitude scale for the harmonics.

linear Use a linear amplitude scale for the harmonics.

components Display on the amplitude waveform the individual sine-wave components.

main Go to the Main menu.


square Set up the harmonics for a square wave.

triangle Set up the harmonics for a triangular wave.

i-vowel Set up the harmonics for an /i/ like vowel sound.

a-vowel Set up the harmonics for an /a/ like vowel sound.

u-vowel Set up the harmonics for an /u/ like vowel sound.

main Go to the Main menu.


1.4 Mark Huckvale


Fine control with the mouse is difficult.
Fri Jul 09 14:54:37 2004