esmenu - standard interactive menus


int bundle;
char *labels[];
char *keys[];
int cnt;


int esmenu_check(xmouse,ymouse,key)
float xmouse,ymouse;
int key;

int esmenu_checkp(ixmouse,iymouse,key)
int ixmouse,iymouse;
int key;


esmenu provides a simple standard mechanism for offering interactive menus. esmenu_display() displays a list of menu items that can be selected by mouse click or by key press. A list of short text labels is used to create and display a set of buttons on the screen, the positions of the buttons on the screen are stored internally, as are a list of permissable key alterantives. The routine esmenu_check() checks to see if a mouse pointer or a key press has selected one of the boxes which is then highlighted. The routine esmenu_checkp() gives the same function but with pixel co-ordinates. The routine esmenu_redisplay() redisplays the current menu with all selections cancelled.


1.0 Mark Huckvale

Fri Jul 09 14:54:31 2004