Ds - device independent static data display


Ds (-i item) (-a item) (-d dispfile) (-s start) (-e end) (-p|-P) (-f item lo hi) file


Ds is a program to display portions of data sets in a file using device-independent graphics. Options allow for the selection of items, the display of part of the timescale and for direct output to the laser printer. Default operation is to display all items in file. Use the display control file option to get non-default sizes, order or labels.

Options and their meanings are:

-I Identify program and exit.

-i item Select first item matching item specification.

-g spitem Display selected speech item as spectrogram.

-a type Select all items matching item specification.

-d dispfile Select items using a display control file, see below.

-s start Specify a start time (in seconds) other than 0.0.

-e end Specify an end time (in seconds) other than the length of the first speech item in the file. If no speech item found, default timescale is 1 second.

-f "item lo hi" Fix all displays of a given type to the y-range lo..hi.

-p Print on laser printer (landscape).

-P Print on laser printer (portrait).


For displays that require special configuration, Ds supports the use of an optional display control file as an alternative to the "-i" and "-a" options. Each line in the control file refers to one displayed item on the screen, and the items are displayed vertically in the order of specifications in the file. Each line in the file consists of an item specification (in the format accepted by the "-i" flag) followed by a list of display parameter settings. Each parameter setting consists of a parameter name, an equals "=", and a parameter value. For numerical arguments, the number should follow the "=" with no white space. For string arguments the "=" should be followed immediately by a string in double quotes. The parameter name can be truncated to any degree that preserves its identity, thus: size=2, siz=2, si=2 or s=2 are equivalent.

Currently supported parameters are:

size Numerical value indicating relative vertical size of displayed item. If zero, means overlay on top of immediately previous graph (some item types only). Default 5.

low Numerical value indicating the setting for the bottom of the y-axis. Only supported by some item types. Default is data driven. Must be combined with setting for "high".

high Numerical value indicating the setting for the top of the y-axis. Only supported by some item types. Default is data driven. Must be combined with setting for "low".

title String value indicating item title displayed at upper left of item box. Default is generated from item label or history. Use "drawtitle" parameter to disable.

label String value specifying item label displayed at upper right of item box. Default is item number. Use "drawlabel" parameter to disable.

drawbox Numerical value controlling display of a surrounding box. 0=off, 1=on (default).

drawtitle Numerical value controlling display of title string. 0=off, 1=on (default).

drawlabel Numerical value controlling display of label string. 0=off, 1=on (default).

drawgap Numerical value controlling display of gap between items (used for title and/or label if present). 0=off(default), 1=on.

Thus a display control file might look like:

     sp.01 size=10
     di^dicode?spectran size=20 low=500 hi=1000
     an. title="Manual Annotations" drawgap=1

Note that blank lines and lines beginning with '#' are ignored.


1.xx Any speech item. Displayed as waveform.

2.xx Any excitation item. Displayed as waveform.

3.xx Any period data item. Displayed at period markers.

4.xx Any fundamental frequency item. Displayed as fx trace on linear scale.

5.xx Any annotation item. Displayed as markers.

7.xx Any synthesizer control data item. Displayed in graphical form.

9.xx Fixed frame Display data in SFS format (use dicode(UCL1) to encode CO items). Displayed as grey scale.

11.xx Any coefficient data item. Displayed as spectra.

12.xx Any raw formant estimates item. Displayed as numbered points.

16.xx Any parameter track item. Displayed as trace.

Other items are merely noted in the display.


Ds 1.7 - Mark Huckvale


dig(SFS3) dig(SFS1)
Fri Jul 09 14:54:30 2004