conmat - print confusion matrix from raw matches


conmat (-l) (-s) (-e) (-P pagelength) (-L linelength) (-t title) (file(s))


conmat is a general purpose program to print a confusion matrix from listings of matches in the form "<input-token><TAB><output-token><NL>". The input and output tokens can be ASCII strings, but they cannot contain whitespace. The program can print confusion matrices up to 100 x 100 on multiple sheets of paper. If filenames are given on the command line, their contents is concatenated. If no files are given, input is read from the standard input. If a command line file is given as "-", then input is switched to the standard input. Lines containing only a single token are ignored, but may be used to order tokens in the confusion matrix (include a list of tokens as the first file to be processed)


-I Identify program name and version number.

-l Add line summaries to the right of the matrix, detailing the number of matches and the percentage correct.

-s Force output into a single printed document, regardless of size.

-e Ignore rows and columns that have zero entries (useful if output labels != input labels).

-P pagelength Set number of lines per printed page. Default 50.

-L linelength Set number of character per printed line. Default 80.

{Bi} -t title Put a title line on the output including the supplied text.


1.0 M.A.Huckvale

Fri Jul 09 14:54:38 2004