beeper - generate pure-tone beeps to order


beeper (-f start (stop)) (-a start (stop)) (-n number) (-c controlfile) (-o sfsfile) (-r samplerate) (-d duration) (-g gap) (-R ramptime) (-l) (-v)


beeper is a program to generate sequences of pure-tone beeps to order. Command line options control the frequency, amplitude, number and timing of a sequence of beeps. The beep signal may optionally be saved in an SFS file.


-I Identify program name and version number.

-f start (stop) Specify the first and (optionally) last tone frequency in Hertz. Default 1000Hz.

-a start (stop) Specify the first and (optionally) last tone amplitude in dB with respect to a signal with a peak amplitude of 1. Default 70dB. Maximum 90dB.

-n number Specify the number of tones to produce. Default 1.

-c controlfile Specify the frequency and tone of each beep in a control file. The file consists of one line per beep, with the first number on the line specifying the frequency in Hertz, and the second the amplitude in dB.

-o sfsfile Save the resulting signal into an SFS file instead of replaying. Default is to replay.

-r samplerate Specify the output sampling rate. Default 20000Hz.

-d duration Specify the duration of each beep in seconds. Default 0.5 seconds.

-g gapduration Specify the duration of the gap between beeps in seconds. Default 0.5 seconds.

-R ramptime Specify the time to ramp the amplitude at the ends of the beep in seconds. Default 0.05 seconds.

-l Use logarithmic frequency steps. Default linear;

-v Verbose. Report details of signal generated.


SPEECH Beep sequence.


fstart= Starting frequency.

fend= Ending frequency.

astart= Starting amplitude.

aend= Ending amplitude.

file= Control filename.

srate= Sampling rate.

dur= Beep duration.

gap= Gap duration.

ramp= Ramp duration.


1.0 Mark Huckvale


Fri Jul 09 14:54:37 2004