anxml -- list an annotation item to XML format


anxml (-i item) (-t tag) (-p pausedur) (-P pausesym) (-u utterancetag) (-c) file


anxml dumps the contents of an annotation item onto the standard output in XML format. Each annotation is enclosed in a tag of the given type with attributes 'START' and 'END'. The default tag type is 'WORD'. An identifier of form <tag><index> is given to each tag.

-I Identify the program version.

-i item Select input item.

-t tag Name of tag to use. Default: 'WORD'.

-p pausedur Select pause detection mode, in which the unit sequence is divided into utterances at pauses. The minimum duration of a pause in seconds is given as an argument. Default: Off. -P pausesym Use one or more times to indicate the annotation labels to be taken to indicate pauses. Default: '##'. -u utterancetag In pause detection mode, indicates the tag to be used to separate utterances. Default: 'UTT'.


AN Any annotation item


1.0 - Mark Huckvale


The last annotation has the same start and end time.
Fri Jul 09 14:54:41 2004