anmap -- map between sets of annotations using mapping file


anmap (-i item) (-r samplingrate) (-b boundarylength) (-t newtype) (-m) mapfile file
anmap (-i item) (-b boundarylength) -o file


anmap maps one set of annotations onto another, using a mapping file to substitute annotation labels. Labels not in the mapping file are copied unchanged, but reported as errors. The sampling rate of the annotation set can also be changed by an option. If executed with the "-o" flag, a mapping file is not required, and instead an ordered list of annotations is produced from the input AN item. The boundary marking option allows additional annotations to be created of a fixed size at each boundary point between existing annotations.


-I Identify the program name and version.

-i item Select input item number.

-r "sampling rate" Select the sampling rate for the output annotation item. Default is sampling rate of input annotation item.

-b boundarylength Creates additional annotations at the junctions between existing annotations. The width of the juncture region is specified by the 'boundarylength' parameter in seconds. For each junction, two additional annotations are added: the left boundary: <label1>(<label2>) and the right boundary (<label1>)<label2>. Each of these will be half the juncture length specified.

-t newtype Supply a new type= string for the output annotation item history. Default is the input item type.

-m Compact multiple annotations of a given output label to a single annotation.

-o Select annotation output mode. A mapping file must not be given in this mode. Prints to standard output an ordered list of annotations from the input AN item.


Each line in the mapping file must have the following format:
      <old annotation> <new annotation>
where <old annotation> is the name of an annotation to be converted, and <new annotation> if the new annotation. If <new annotation> is blank then the input annotation will be deleted. For example
     ee     i
     ih     I
     r      r


1.2 - Mark Huckvale
Fri Jul 09 14:54:34 2004