anlist -- list an annotation item to a text description


anlist (-i item) (-s rate|-S|-h|-e) (-m anmapfile) (-c) (-O|-o outfile) file


anlist dumps the contents of an annotation item onto the standard output in a form suitable for editting and reloading with anload(SFS1). The standard format of the output is one annotation per line, with two entries: firstly the time in seconds, secondly the text label.


-I Identify the program version.

-i item Select input item.

-s rate Output sample numbers pre-supposing given sampling rate.

-S Output annotations in sample number format. Sample rate is taken from annotation item unless -s switch is used.

-h Output annotations in HTK format, with start and stop times expressed in 100ns units.

-e Output annotations in ESPS format, with end times only labelled in seconds.

-m anmapfile Map any annotations that match lines in the supplied file. Format as for anmap(SFS1) program, namely two fields per line, input and output.

-c Collapse together adjacent annotations sharing the same output label.

-o outfile Output to specified file. Default is standard output.

-O Output to a file with a name modelled on the SFS file name. New name is basename.LAB.


AN Any annotation item


1.6 - Mark Huckvale
Fri Jul 09 14:54:30 2004