ancomp -- compare two sets of annotations


ancomp (-a|-f|-l) (-r anitem) (-t anitem) (-m matchfile) (-h histfile) (-s samprate) file


ancomp is a program to compare two sets of annotations. It has three modes of operation controlled by command-line switches. In alignment accuracy mode (-a) the program measure the alignment accuracy of a set of automatically aligned annotations against a reference set. Statistics of mean alignment error and a breakdown of accuracy per annotation label is provided. It is assumed that the labels themselves are correct. In frame labelling mode (-f) the program samples the two annotation sets at a given frame rate and counts how many times each possible pair of labels occurs. A confusion matrix showing the mappings is produced. In labelling accuracy mode (-l) the program only analyses the sequence of labels and not their position. The program perfoms a dynamic programming assignment of test labels to reference labels to collect statistics on substitutions, insertions and deletions. A confusion matrix and labelling accuracy statistics are produced.


-I Identify program name and version number.

-i item Select input item number.

-r anitem Select reference annotation item. Default first.

-t anitem Select test annotation item. Default last.

-a Select alignment accuracy mode (default).

-f Select frame labelling mode.

-l Select labelling accuracy mode.

-m matchfile Store raw information about matches into the given file rather than producing a summary. For frame labelling and labelling accuracy mode this is a list of input-output label pairs suitable for processing by the conmat(SFS1) confusion matrix printing program. If matchfile is "-" then the information is sent to the standard output.

-h histfile Store histogram of distances into given file.

-s samprate Specify sampling rate for frame labelling measurement. Default:100.


AN Reference annotation

AN Test annotation


2.0 Mark Huckvale

Fri Jul 09 14:54:41 2004