ProChop - segment audio recording into separate files based on annotations


ProChop -a audio.wav -t annotations.txt -o output.dir (-f type) (-k) (-s)


ProChop chops up a recording into separate files, based on an annotation file containing the break points. ProChop is designed to partner ProRec, the prompt & record program.

Options and their meanings are:

-I Report version number and exit.

-a audio.wav Specify the audio file to be segmented into separate files. Can be 1 or 2 channels.

-t annot.txt Specify the annotation text file containing the break points. Each line consists of a time in seconds followed by TAB and a filename label.

-o output.dir Specify the name of the output directory where the separate files are to be placed.

-f type Specifies the output file format. Values are "WAV" or "SFS".

-k Keep duplicate names. What to do if the same filename occurs more than once in the annotation file. If -k is given, duplicates are given a numbered suffix. Default is to overwrite earlier files with later ones.

-s Remove silence. Attempt to identify and remove silence at the start and end of each segment.


Silence detection is performed only using the first channel. When 2-channel audio is loaded into SFS files, the second channel is presumed to be Lx.


1.1 - Mark Huckvale
Sun Mar 04 14:34:30 2012