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Contents of UCLWPL 16 (2004)

Edited by Ad Neeleman and Mary Pearce


John Harris

Vowel reduction as information loss

Jason Kandybowicz

Nupe tonology and the categorical identity of verb copy tones: a pilot experimental study


Annabel Cormack and Neil Smith

Backward control in Korean and Japanese

Nicole Dehé

On the order of objects in Icelandic double object constructions

Hitoshi Shiraki

Anaphors, agreement and case

Susagna Tabau

Early Catalan OV Sequences: Empirical Evidence for the Poverty of Stimulus Argument

Hans van de Koot

Explaining Barss's generalization

Semantics and Pragmatics


Alison Hall

The meaning of but: A procedural reanalysis

Mark Jary

Indicative mood, assertoric force and relevance

Marie-Odile Taillard

Adaptive persuasion

Hiroyuki Uchida

Indefinites; an extra-argument-slot analysis

Rosa Elena Vega Moreno

Metaphor interpretation and emergence

Tim Wharton

Lexical acquisition and pragmatics

Deirdre Wilson

Relevance and lexical pragmatics]