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Contents of UCLWPL 12 (2000)

Edited by Corinne Iten and Ad Neeleman

Semantics and Pragmatics

Robyn Carston

Explicature and semantics

Richard Horsey

Meaning postulates and deference

Corinne Iten

Although revisited

Masahiro Kato

Functions of Japanese ga-clefts in discourse: A relevance-theoretic approach

George Powell

Compositionality, innocence and the interpretation of NPs

Marie-Odile Taillard

Persuasive communication: The case of marketing

Tim Wharton

Interjections, language and the 'showing'/'saying' continuum

Deirdre Wilson and Dan Sperber

Truthfulness and Relevance


Kuniya Nasukawa

Nasal harmony as prosody-driven agreement

Dmitri Sityaev

The relationship between accentuation and information status of discourse referents: A corpus-based study


Peter Ackema & Ad Neeleman

M-selection and phrasal affixation

Michael Brody

On the status of representations and derivations

Dirk Bury

Particles, V2 and the ungrammaticality of verb-initial structures

Annabel Cormack & Neil Smith

Fronting: The syntax and pragmatics of 'focus' and 'topic'

Dick Hudson

Gerunds and multiple default inheritance

Hye-Kyung Kang

Age differences in the acquisition of quantifiers: Evidence from English and Korean

Dimitra Papangeli

Clitic doubling in Modern Greek: A head-complement relation]