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Contents of UCLWPL 10 (1998)

Edited by John Harris and Corinne Iten



Phillip Backley

Violable principles and typological variation

Phil Harrison

Yorùbá babies and unchained melody

Semantics and Pragmatics


Robyn Carston

The semantics/pragmatics distinction: a view from relevance theory

Nik Gisbourne

The attributary structure, evidential meaning, and the semantics of English SOUND-class verbs

Corinne Iten

The meaning of although: a relevance theoretic account

Anna Papafragou

Experience and concept attainment: some critical remarks

George Powell

The deferred interpretation of indexicals and proper names

Deirdre Wilson & Tomoko Matsui

Recent approaches to bridging: truth, coherence, relevance



Maya Arad


Tanmoy Bhattacharya

DP-internal NP movement

Brian, Hok-Shing, Chan

Functional heads, Cantonese phrase structure and Cantonese-English code-switching

Annabel Cormack & Neil Smith

Negation, polarity and V positions in English

Jenny Doetjes, Ad Neeleman & Hans van de Koot

Degree expressions and the autonomy of syntax

Karen Froud

Aphasic evidence for the syntactic determination of unaccusativity

So Hiranuma

Measuring the processing load of Japanese words

Richard Hudson

Adjunct preposing, wh-interrogatives and dependency competition

Fuyo Osawa

The emergence of the D system and the demise of morphological case in English

Jonathan White

Syntax-LF mapping and the internal structure of omparatives