UCL Division of Psychology & Language Sciences



Registration will take place from 2:00-5:00pm in the Ground Floor reception area

All presentations including the keynote address will take place in Lecture Theatre G10

Coffee and tea will be available in B01

The welcome reception and farewell party will be held in B01 and the basement Atrium



PTLC2009 Programme

Thursday 6th August

2:00 Registration
3:00 Registration Equipment

Registration ends

5:45 Welcome and announcements  
6:00 Prof. J C Wells  Keynote address: Dear Professor Wells
7:00 Welcome reception  
8:00 Close  

Friday 7th August

10:30 Patricia Ashby  & Masaki Taniguchi Assessing intonation
11:00 Zhou Weijing The learnabilty and teachability of English tones
11:30 Coffee
12:00 Rachael-Anne Knight Feeling confident about transcription - a student survey concerning numbers of repetitions and new voices
12:30 Jussi Wikström Speech and language therapy students' perception and production of cardinal vowels
1:00 Lunch
2:30 Nadia Benrabah-Djennane Pronunciation versus Writing : Betrayal !
3:00 Gladys Saunders Why phonetics matters: food for thought for aspiring teachers of French
3:30 Cristina Aliaga-García Effects of audiovisual auditory vs. articulatory training on L2 vowel category learning
4:00 Natalie Kehr MS Excel - a student's best study aid
4:30 Tea
5:00 Jürgen Trouvain & Peter Gilles PhonLaF - phonetic online material for Luxembourgish as a foreign language
5:30 Kaoru Umezawa Transliterating Icelandic names into Japanese - the influence of knowledge of the target language
6:00 Hiroko Saito

Spelling-to-Sound or Sound-to-Spelling? Errors found among Japanese Learners of English

6:30 Close  

Saturday 8th August

10:30 Alice Chan Does mother tongue have a greater effect on L2 speech perception or production?
A study of the learning of
English by Cantonese ESL learners in Hong Kong
11:00 Juli Cebrian Exploring the roles of instruction and word familiarity in L2 vowel identification
11:30 Coffee  
12:00 John Maidment

Teach yourself phonetics

12:30 Shinichi Tokuma & Won Tokuma

The perception of English F0 peak-delay by English and Japanese speakers: we hear what they do not hear

1:00 Lunch
2:30 Wander Lowie & Sieuwke Reitsma

The early bird catches the worm(?): the acquisition of an English sound system in Dutch primary school children

3:00 Beverley Collins & Inger Mees The first modern English pronunciation dictionary
3:30 Smiljana Komar

Teaching English intonation using entertainment shows

4:00 Tea  
4:30 Eva Cerviño & Joan Carles Mora

When over-reliance on duration does not mean perceiving duration differences

5:00 Rastislav Sustarsic

Pronunciation Errors in a Reading Task for Students of English

5:30 Michael Ashby, Kayoko Yanagisawa,
Young Shin Kim, John Maidment
& Joanna Przedlacka

Achieving interactivity in online learning of phonetic skills

7:00 Farewell party  
8:00 Close