All papers are © 2009 of the respective authors.

Proceedings edited by Michael Ashby and John Maidment, UCL, 2009


PTLC2009 Proceedings

Aliaga García C Effects of audiovisual auditory vs. articulatory training on L2 vowel category learning
Ashby M, Yanagisawa K, Kim Y,
Maidment J & Przedlacka J
Achieving interactivity in online learning of phonetic skills
Ashby P & Taniguchi M Assessing intonation
Benrabah-Djennane N Pronunciation versus writing: Betrayal!
Cebrian J Exploring the roles of instruction and word familiarity in L2 vowel identification
Cerviño E & Mora J C When over-reliance on duration does not mean perceiving duration differences
Chan A Y W Does mother tongue influence have a greater effect on L2 speech perception or production?
A study of the learning of English by Cantonese ESL learners in Hong Kong
Collins B & Mees I The hundredth anniversary of the first modern English pronunciation dictionary
Kehr N MS Excel – A student’s best study aid - The personal experience of an untalented student
Knight R Feeling confident about transcription (?): A student survey concerning numbers of repetitions and new voices.
Komar S Teaching English intonation using entertainment shows
Lowie W & Reitsma S The early bird catches the worm(?): the acquisition of an English sound system in Dutch primary school children
Maidment J

Teach yourself phonetics (and maybe a bit of phonology)

Saito H Spelling-to-sound or sound-to-spelling? Errors found among Japanese learners of English
Saunders G Why phonetics matters:  food for thought for aspiring teachers of French
Sustarsic R Pronunciation errors in a reading task for students of English
Tokuma S & Tokuma W The perception of English F0 peak-delay by English and Japanese speakers: we hear what they do not hear
Trouvain J & Gilles P PhonLaF – phonetic online material for Luxembourgish as a foreign language
Umezawa K Transliterating Icelandic Names into Japanese – the influence of knowledge of the target language
Wikström J Speech and language therapy (SLT) students’ production and perception of cardinal vowels: a case study of 6 SLT students
Zhou W J The learnability and teachability of English tone by Chinese EFL learners