Phonetics Teaching & Learning Conference


August 24-26, 2007


PDF Evelyn Abberton (UCL) & Adrian Fourcin (Laryngograph Ltd): Direct displays of phonetic dimensions
PDF Hideki Abe, Tsuruoka National College of Technology: The effect of explicit instruction on the acquisition of the English connected speech by Japanese college students
PDF Cristina Aliaga-García, University of Barcelona: The role of phonetic training in L2 speech learning
PDF Michael Ashby, Jill House, Mark Huckvale, John Maidment & Kayoko Yanagisawa, UCL: Phonetics in a Virtual Learning Environment
PDF Patricia Ashby (University of Westminster): Fieldwork for success
PDF Patricia Ashby, University of Westminster: Investing in Eartraining
PDF Nadia Benrabah-Djennane, Université Stendahl-Grenoble 3: English words with controversial stress: the case of French learners
PDF Christel de Bruijn (University of Central England) & Sandra Whiteside (University of Sheffield): Effect of experience levels on voice quality ratings
PDF Josefina Carrera (Universitat de Barcelona) & Claudia Pons (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona): Development of technological tools for teaching and learning Catalan phonetics via the internet
PDF Richard Cauldwell, SpeechInAction: Fluency for air-traffic control
PDF Photini Coutsougera, University of Cyprus: The impact of orthography on acquisition of L2 phonology: inferring the wrong phonology from print
PDF Biljana Čubrovic, University of Belgrade: What's in a symbol? The case of happY and thank YOU vowels and the Serbian EFL learner
PDF Akihito Desaki, University of Reading: Dependence on the quantity in the perception of [iː] and [ɪ] by Japanese learners of English
PDF Francisco Gallardo del Puerto, Esther Gómez Lacabex & María Luisa García Lecumberri, University of the Basque Country: The assessment of foreign accent by native and non-native judges.
PDF Núria Gavaldà & Jill Lundquist, UCL:A phonetic study group run by students
PDF Esther Gómez Lacabex & María García Lecumberri, University of the Basque Country: Perception of the contrast full vowel/schwa in English by trained Spanish learners
PDF Ibtisam Hussein, Al'Isra University: Practical mechanisms for teaching perception and pronunciation of problematic consonants in Standard Arabic
PDF Christian Jensen, Copenhagen Business School: Predicting the result of vowel transfer
PDF Akiyo Joto, Seiya Funatsu (Prefectural University of Hiroshima) & Yoshiki Nagase (University of Yamanishi): Effect of VOT on intelligibility of English voiceless stops produced by native speakers of Japanese
PDF Takeki Kamiyama (University of Sorbonne Nouvelle-Paris 3) & Yoshino Yamamoto (Charles de Gaulle University-Lille 3): Visual representation of prosody for tactful communication - the case of request in Japanese taught to French university students
PDF Smiljana Komar, University of Ljubljana: Strategies to improve reading performance in English
PDF Marianna Kyprianou, University of Cyprus: Teaching pronunciation in Cyprus
PDF Wander Lowie & Sybrine Bultena, University of Groningen: Articulatory settings and the dynamics of second language speech production
PDF Margaret Maeda (Kanagawa University) & Hiroko Saito (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies): Japanese speakers of English: "work" and "walk".
PDF John Maidment, UCL: Assessing competence in English intonation
PDF María Alicia Maldonado, Instituto Superior de Profesorado Nº8, Santa Fe: What do we mean when we speak of meaning?
PDF Takehiko Makino, Chuo University: A corpus of Japanese speaker's pronunciation of American English: preliminary research
PDF Joan Carles Mora, University of Barcelona:  Methodological issues in assessing L2 perceptual phonological competence
PDF Mitsuhiro Nakamura, Nihon University: Making web-based lectures on English phonetics: an interim report
PDF Hiroko Saito (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies) & Isao Ueda (Osaka University of Foreign Studies): Does accentuation of L1 transfer to L2 prosody? A preliminary study on Osaka and Tokyo dialect speakers' pronunciation of English
PDF Gladys Saunders, University of Virginia: Vowel deletion and "illegal" consonant clusters in French speech: a source of perceptual difficulty for American learners of French
PDF Rastislav Šustaršić, University of Ljubljana: Using speech archives in teaching English pronunciation
PDF .Kyoko Takeuchi (University of Tokyo) & Takayuki Arai (Sophia University): Strategy for the production of French nasal vowels by Japanese students
PDF Masaki Taniguchi & Yusuke Shibata, Kochi University: Japanese Learners’ English Pronunciation: How Intelligible is it?
PDF Kaoru Umezawa (University of Iceland) & Aki Hirose (UCL): Devoicing of moraic nasals by Icelandic learners of Japanese
PDF Jo Verhoeven & Robert Davey, City University: A multimedia approach to eartraining and IPA transcription
PDF Magdalena Wrembel, Adam Mickiewicz University: "Still sounds like a rainbow" - a proposal for a coloured vowel chart
Paper accepted but not presented at the conference
PDF Adam Brown, Auckland Institute of Studies: The use of nonverbal features in teaching phonetics