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  ISCA Workshop on
  Plasticity in Speech Perception

PSP2005 was held June 15-17, 2005 at Senate House, in London, and was organised by researchers at the Centre for Human Communication at UCL (University College London). The workshop brought together researchers who examine changes in speech perception during infancy and adulthood, from clinical and non-clinical perspectives, and also included researchers who study plasticity in other domains. There were 160 participants from 16 countries. There were 17 talks and 87 poster presentations.

We are selling copies of the Proceedings CD for 10 including tax and postage. The CD contains PDF files based on the talks and posters that were presented at the conference. Submission to the proceedings was optional; the CD contains 61 proceedings papers out of the 104 talks and posters that were presented at the conference. Please email us if you want to confirm whether a particular paper appears in the proceedings.

We are grateful to the participants, members of the organizing committees, and sponsors for making this conference a success. The International Speech Communication Association (ISCA) generously sponsored 10 conference grants to participants from India, the UK, France, Netherlands, USA, and Australia; and the Royal National Institute for the Deaf (RNID) sponsored a further five knowledge-transfer grants targeted at clinicians and researchers in the UK doing work related to deafness. The British Academy sponsored some of our organizational costs and our final sponsor, the Acoustical Society of America, publicized our workshop to its members.


    Valerie Hazan and Paul Iverson (co-Chairs)

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