Supplementary phrases for Phase 1 database

Jill's edited version, 9/2/98

Rather than use the Cambridge data as purely supplementary material, I thought I'd incorporate the phrases into a new batch of structures, involving 2-foot sequences. This shouldn't affect the integrity of the phrases themselves, which for comparability with my original sets will place the syllable of interest in nuclear position.

So I'm reclassifying as follows:

Group 3:

Group 4:

Group 5:

Group 6:

Even these groupings don't exhaust the structures in the Cambridge data, which include (s s) and (s w w) feet in nuclear position, and I'll deal with those in due course.

The present document just includes examples from groups 3 and 4, which as you'll see both have a monosyllabic nuclear foot.

Group 3

Group 4