LPD pronunciation preference survey 1998


1. This questionnaire concerns words whose pronunciation is debatable, or for which usage is divided. You are asked to record your preference between the two or more possibilities mentioned for each item. Please indicate the pronunciation you prefer. Usually this will also be your own pronunciation.

Inspect the first part of the questionnaire (non-interactive version)

2. This survey is intended to be of British English only. Your answers will be included in a survey of British English speakers' views on pronunciation for a new edition of the Longman Pronunciation Dictionary now in preparation. (This is a follow-up to my 1988 survey, the results of which are reported in the current edition of the dictionary.) The findings may also be reported in the media.

3. The questions are arranged in three sections. In the first section the focus is on consonant sounds, in the second on vowel sounds, and in the third on stress placement. At the end you are also asked to provide certain details about yourself.

4. If there is some item on which you have no opinion, leave a blank. Otherwise, please answer every question. This is a long questionnaire, and may well take you over an hour to complete - thanks for your patience. Your answers will remain anonymous, although you are asked to give your name and address in confidence.

5. The survey questionnaire is available in a number of different formats: as a WWW document, as a printed document, or electronically (as e-mail). You are now reading it as a web document. To participate in the survey, please choose one of the following options:

The only versions that enable you to see proper IPA symbols are the downloadable postscript file and the printed version sent by post. The other versions use ASCII substitutes.

Please return the completed questionnaire by 31 October 1998 at the latest.

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Many thanks for your co-operation.

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John Wells, 8 September 1998, revised 29 September