Montserrat photos, June 2004

John Wells, Gabriel Parsons

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The ferry terminal, Little Bay

Little Bay. A government minister adds her welcome.


The airport under construction at Geralds

The completion date has now slipped to 15 November

Looking south towards the tunnel under the runway. The road through the tunnel will be the only way to and from Drummonds.

The runway under construction

The precipitous end of the runway, looking northwest from Lookout

More new building work

New technical college, Salem

Shinlands, seen from Banks

Government buildings, Brades

Looking out from Lookout

Warden-assisted apartments, Lookout. Bernardine Collins, Community Services manager, with Gabriel.

A resident. There is a solar panel on the roof.

Another resident. View looking east.

Lookout Community Centre. Claudina Ryan (Comm. Serv.)

The former exclusion zone, Cork Hill to Richmond Hill

In Cork Hill, looking towards the volcano

From St George's Hill, looking towards Lees. The two wind turbines are still standing.

Looking down from St George's Hill rowards Plymouth

Richmond Hill, seen from St George's Hill

Richmond Hill sugar mill (formerly the museum)

Dagenham, seen from Richmond Hill

The bayfront seen from the grounds of the former Montserrat Springs Hotel. Grass is colonizing the ash layers.

The pool at the Montserrat Springs Hotel, looking towards St George's Hill and the volcano

Fox's Bay. Gabriel, Maureen Hodd

Fox's Bay beach

Fox's Bay, looking landwards

The properties may be unoccupied and the roadside ash uncleared, but the bougainvillea still blooms

A hike to the Cot and the Duck Pond

The start of the trail, Salem. You'd have to walk very slowly to take two hours.

Looking down on Salem. The cricket ground is to the left.

Not a lot to see when you get there, really

The duck pond, early morning

Picnic tables, Duck Pond

The duck pond in close-up


That's it, folks



Lystra Osborne

Gabriel, Betty Trant, Bertrand Osborne

Angie Skerritt

Margaret (Annie) Dyer-Howe

Gabriel and John, on St George's Hill

Icilda Lynch, John Wilson

Marretta and Mary Burns, at Little Bay. Top left: the new customs house

Nell Lee

Sheron Burns, Gabriel

Gabriel and Eve White in her garden at Lookout. In the distance, the road to the football ground at Blakes.

Biddie Lee in her garden at Banks

Mando Meade and friend

Edward Lee, centenarian, Golden Years Home

'Judge', care worker

Daniel Meade on his 92nd birthday

George Henry, aka Skerritt-boy


A visit to Plymouth

You are not allowed to enter the exclusion zone without permission

Sturge Park with the grandstand. Like the rest of Plymouth, it lies under layers of pyroclastic material and ash.

The cemetery

The roadway eroded by mud flows

This is where we used to buy soft drinks

This was a supermarket

A gas station

A bank

Government Headquarters, newly built in the early 1990's

The courthouse. Only the top part of the clock escaped burial.

Monlec generating station, Lover's Lane

The eastern end of Lover's Lane. Ryners Village is entirely buried, and Fort Ghaut has cut a new path.


Montserrat nice

Our garden, with the flamboyant tree in bloom

David and Maureen Hodd's garden

Little Bay at sunset

All good things come to an end. The ferry comes in to take us back to Antigua and London.

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