Pictures from our April 2002 visit to Montserrat

John Wells, Gabriel Parsons, Martha Furlong

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On the ferry from Antigua


A first view of Montserrat

Hell's Gate

Little Bay

People at Cavalla Hill Methodist Church, 7 April

Rev. Rosalind Morgan

Winifred Saunders and Adelina Tuitt

Hon. Dr Lowell Lewis

(r.) Hon. Idabelle Meade

Hon. Claude Hogan and Winifred Saunders

Brian and Diane Hollander

Chief Minister, Hon. John Osborne (John Bassey)

Government lineup: ... Claude Hogan, John Osborne, Lowell Lewis ...

People around the island

Eve White, Lookout

Daniel Meade with John, Golden Years Retirement Home

Edward Lee, Golden Years

David and Maureen Hodd, Olveston


Gabriel at Woodlands Beach

Nell and Gabriel

Hon. John Wilson

Hon. Margaret Dyer-Howe

Miss Biddy



Gabriel, Noel Riley, Hon. Joseph Meade, Mrs Marjorie Meade, Rev. Rosalind Morgan



Gabriel with Leroy Hixon


Icilma and Gabriel

Martha and baby Jaydon

Mary Burns

Places and vistas

The new football ground at Blakes, looking towards Judy Piece

The Blakes site is vast - wouldn't it be better to put the airport here?

Lookout, from Blakes

The new fire station, Brades

The volcano, from Dr Wood's Road

View from Judy Piece towards Geralds and Rendezvous. Note new track cut towards Thatch Valley.

Block of single-person dwellings under construction, Lookout

Abandoned Bramble Airport, from Jack Boy Hill

Golden apples

Rhoda and our garden

A land crab visits our veranda (tiles are approx. 45 cm square)

Nevis and Redonda, from our house in Woodlands at sunset

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