Montserrat photos, April 2005

John Wells, Gabriel Parsons

Martha Furlong, Doreen Lee, Eureka Cadogan

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Everton Lynch

Betty Trant

Sister Richards

Daniel Meade, Golden Years home


Sue Loughlin, Director of the MVO

Winifred and Bob Saunders

Adena Morson with uncle Gabriel

Marjorie and Joseph Meade


Salas Hamilton

Gary Moore, plumber

Carole and Lionel Nanton

Henry Lynch with Gabriel



Debbie with cherry (cashew) tree


Mando and Chad


Carol Osborne

Nell Lee and Martha


Eileen Williams and sister Martha


George Hixon

Tom Arthur

John Coba

George Henry, aka Skerritt-boy





Doreen and Eureka

Silas and Martha


The new airport

Up to the viewing gallery

The passenger terminal, opened by Princess Anne, land side

The passenger terminal, air side


The runway, looking east

Construction of taxiways continues


The control tower

The mid-section of the runway, looking south

The runway, looking west

The abrupt western end of the runway, seen end-on from below, Davy Hill


Fogarty Hill

Steep zigzag Fogarty Hill...

...has acquired new signs...

...though there is some disagreement about how to spell the name.

The map says it's "Fogarty"


The Montserrat Volcano Observatory


Venus Bass at work

Another scientist

The helicopter, with the volcano in cloud behind



The Vue Pointe Hotel back in business

New gas station, St Peter's

Fire station, Brades

HM Prison, Brades



Salem Methodist

Cavalla Hill Methodist

St Peter's Wesleyan Holiness

Salem Methodist. r: Easton Taylor




Looking north from Barzeys towards Drummonds

Looking south from Barzeys towards Baker Hill

Thomas and Nell Lee's house in Lookout, with Antigua on the horizon

The runway at Bramble airport (abandoned)



Rainbow, Woodlands


OK, this isn't weather - it's a pawpaw (papaya) tree


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