Montserrat photos, June 2003

John Wells, Gabriel Parsons, Martha Furlonge

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Biddy Lee, Banks

Martha's sister, Eileen Williams

Martha and Eileen

Gabriel reading on the patio/veranda

Silas and Brooks working on guttering

Linda Green (neighbour) and Gabriel

Eve with two of the children she looks after

Icilda Lynch

Richard Aspin

King Lee

'Judge', assistant at Golden Years Home

A mere stripling in comparison with Isley Bobb, Daniel Meade celebrates his 91st birthday

Gabriel at the Hodds' one evening

Daren Meade

Debbie, Mando, Shenlia and children

George Henry ('Skerrit-boy') and Gabriel

At Salem Methodist Church

Nickesha Hixon dancing

C.T. John

Jim Osborne (Teacher Jim)

Rev. Florence Daley

Isley Bobb's 110th birthday

With Rev. Florence Daley the previous Sunday

At Golden Years Home

Some of those attending. Foreground: Gabriel Parsons and Daniel Meade

Beth Breuer leads the singing of choruses

Mr Bobb is wheeled in

HE the Governor, Anthony Longrigg

Mr Longrigg addresses the meeting

Greetings from the Queen

Mr Bobb and his birthday cake


New housing at Lookout

A house under construction, Woodlands

Bank of Montserrat, Hilltop, St Peters

Delta gas station, Sweeney's

Golden Years, Brades

A white egret visits our pool

Distant view of Judy Piece Methodist Church, framed by buildings of the Margetson Memorial Home

New road layout by the hospital, St Johns

Newly erected trail sign, Woodlands

It is not permitted to keep livestock on the Woodlands estate

Time to leave

The helicopter to Antigua

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