Montserrat photos, Christmas 2002 - New Year 2003

John Wells, Gabriel Parsons, Martha Furlonge

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Getting there from Antigua

Waiting for the ferry

The ferry at the Deep Water Harbour, St John's

Arriving at Little Bay

The helicopter at Gerald's

Hike to the Cot and the Duberry estate, 21 December

Left: guides John Martin and Scriber (phoning); right: photographer Igor

Juanita, Jadine

The volcano seen from near the Cot

The duck pond

Cavalla Hill Methodist Church, 22 December

Rev. Rosalind Morgan

Gabriel and Rosalind

Christening group at the church door

Chatting after the service

Masqueraders at Salem

Preparing to dance


Some rest, some dance

Martha and masquerader John Alfred

Jamming at Little Bay

The stage

Children from Brades Primary School...

...and St Augustine's School

Western Union
Emerald Isle Foundation


Silas Meade, carpenter

Silas cutting up goat meat

George Riley, poolman

Gabriel with Adelina Tuitt

Miss Biddy (formerly of Tuitts) and grandson, Banks

Miss Biddy and her pawpaw (papaya) tree

Adelina, Gabriel, Glenn Lewis

Adelina, Gabriel, John (photo: Glenn Lewis)

Mildred Francis

Mildred and coconuts

George Tuitt, builder

Rose Willock, broadcaster, at Festival Village

George Henry (aka Sylvester Morson, 'Skerrit-boy')

Beverley Miller

Martha, at Lime Kiln Bay

Daniel Meade (formerly of Tuitts), Golden Years Home

Our house at Woodlands

View of the front of the house

Grapefruit growing in the garden

The pool, with Redonda in the distance

Looking towards Nevis and Redonda

See also pictures of Rhoda Burns' funeral.

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